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31DC2013: Day 27 - Inspired by artwork

Вдохновленная картиной. Карл Брюллов. Последний день Помпеи.
Inspired by Karl Brulloff's "The Last Day of Pompeii".

More pictures and words:

Picture itself:

Karl Brulloff. The Last Day of Pompeii.
1830-1833. Oil on canvas. 456,5 x 651.
The State Russian Museum,
St. Petersburg, Russia

Nails before crack effect:

OPI - An affair in Red Square.
Orly - Glitz.
Dance Legend - Crack effect 686.

Это моя любимая картина. Ещё с детства. Вот что значит - расти в Санкт-Петербурге =)
Так получился этот лава-маникюр.
Я не люблю кракелюр. Но, видимо, на волне их популярности, у меня поехала крыша и я всё-таки обзавелась несколькими флакончиками.
Этот топ больше всего напоминает пепел... серо-чёрная база с голубым и золотистым мелким глиттером.
Слой получился толстоват => трещин маловато.
Но. Я получила именно то, что задумывала.

This is my favorite painting. Since, I was a child. That's how it feels - to grow up in St.Petersburg.=)
So I made this lava-manicure.
I'm not into crack polishes. I really don't like it, but it was so popular, so I've lost my mind and bought some.
This one looks like ash - grayish black with blue and gold micro-glitter.
I made a bit big layer, so there isn't much cracks.
But I had exactly what I wanted to see.

P.S. This painting is really awesome. And really big:

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  1. Cool painting, I've actually not seen it before even though I of cause know about Pompei. I'm not into crackle that much either but I think you accomplished the inspiration very well with the red backgroud and the dried lava like crackle, it's basically the perfect nail art to portrait lava and the painting! :D

    1. I liked this painting 'coz it's a great piece of classic art. it's big, it's amaizing. and a bit romantic - an artist pictured his beloved woman 3 times in this picture (an example - that couple in the middle - under yellow veil, with 2 kids - it's she and Karl himself).

      awww! thank you!!!


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