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31DC2013: Day 26 - Inspired by a pattern

Гусиная лапка.

More pictures and words:

Essie - Blanc.
MoYou -London - stamping plate - Pro collection 07 (XL images).
Konad - stamping polish - black.
OPI - Matte top coat.

Ок. Это был сложный день для нейл-арта.
Я плохо умею обращаться со стемпингом.
И топ частично размазал дизайн.
Мне слегка стыдно за этот маникюр.
Впрочем, он хорошо смотрелся издалека.

Ok. That was a bad nail art day.
I'm not so good at stamping.
And top-coat ruined some parts.
It's a shame mani for me.
Although, it looked good if you look from long distance.

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  1. OMG! This was soooo beautiful, I L-O-V-E houndstooth pattern! I think this looked great and I didn't see the "smear" from the top coat until you said it. I honestly first thought that this was a full manicure decal and I think you should be content with this, definitely not ashamed! :D

    1. lol. thanks! tack!
      well... I am perfectionist... even when my friends said that it's a good mani... I SEE imperfections...

      btw, in Russia we call this pattern "goose feet" =)

    2. Haha,, I think most of us have that "problem", I also sees the imperfections in my manicures, but I try to "not see", and publish it even though I'm not 100% happy and hopefully others wont notice! ;)

      haha.. that's so funny :D In sweden we are boring and call it "hundtand" which is houndstooth right translated. I know that some people call it Pepita too..why I don't know.

    3. lol =)))))))))))
      well, mani were must easier back when I didn't had this blog... 'coz everything (imperfections) looks bigger on photos =)

      really? funny =)
      I think, it's really looks like goose footprint =)))


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