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31DC2013: Day 23 - Inspired by a movie

День двадцать третий - Вдохновленный фильмом.

Вампирская кожа из саги "Сумерки".

Vampire skin. "Twilight" saga.

"His skin, white despite the faint flush from yesterday's hunting trip, literally sparkled, like thousands of tiny diamonds were embedded in the surface. (...) A perfect statue, carved in some unknown stone, smooth like marble, glittering like crystal." (c)

More pictures and words:

Dance Legend - Mutual Admiration ("Touch me" collection 06).
China Glaze - Wireless Holographic Top Coat.

Я очень люблю "Сумерки". В книжном варианте. Фильмы мне не понравились.
Эта идея была для дня по книгам. Но в итоге другая книжная идея победила. Поэтому этот вариант пришлось отнести к фильмам.

Идея проста - этот лак похож на очень бледную, сероватую кожу. А топ придаёт тот самый, "бриллиантовый", блеск.

I'm "Twilight" fan. I am. But I prefer a book serie. Movies... lets just say, that they could be better.
This idea was for "inspired by a book" day. But I get a better idea about another book and design. So, let it be movie mani.

Idea is very simple - this polish looks like a pale, grayish skin. And this top-coat gives all this "glittering like crystal" effect.

P.S. Team Edward, yeah.

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  1. Awesome interpretation! :P I'm not the best twillight fan ever but I've seen the movies. A friend of mine recommended the books, I understand they are much better? If I had to chose I would chose team edward too! ;)

    1. tack! =)))

      yeah, books are much better! there are a very few fiction books that I've read more than once... Twilight is the only one that like 5 times =)
      Jacob is a bit... silly... in books it's so obvious, so he makes me mad =/


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