воскресенье, 15 сентября 2013 г.


I wonder... but...
Since now I have many non-russian guests. And one of them asked me to translate my post...
I'm gonna try to write posts in both languages.
And later I'll translate my older posts into English.
Stay tuned ;)

P.S. Sorry, my English isn't perfect.

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  1. Aw, you're too cute! :D I think your english seems perfectly fine! English is not my "home language" either but I decided too to write in english because I figured more people would understand and I think my spelling skills have improved since then! Fun to see that you've been interested in nail polish for about 15 year, I also started to like it then, but same as you my interest grew to more nail art stuff for some couple of year ago. :D

    1. lol. thanks =)
      about years - I'm a little bit older than you... and, maybe, the same as you - it was a teenage interest into cosmetic world =)))
      later I wanted to become hairdresser or make-up artist, but I have a really bad allergy on hair dye... and I'm really bad artist lol =)))

      and yeah, maybe it's better to write in English... we have a really big polish-addicts community in here, but it's not so easy to get into this community.

      anyway. thank you very much!!! I've been thinking about closing this blog... now I don't think so =)

    2. Yes, It was in my teens that I started to be interested in beauty and cosmetics! :) I like that you've decided to continue with this blog, I think you're talented with nails!

      For me personally I think it's interesting to change experiences with others all over the world, especially for nail art. There's so many people to be inspired by! :D

      When you speak about the "polish-addicts community", do you mean in your country or the world in general? If it's the world in general I think it helps to write in english since so many more people (or at least many more conuntries) understand it and as I said before that was the reason I decided for english.

      And if you want more people to read and comment your blog there's several great tips and tricks for it even though it mostly takes time! I've had my blog for a year and the first 3 months I was happy if 20 people read my blog each day! Now some day's I get 200 which isn't much comparing to others but more people comment which I think is fun. :)

    3. awww. thank you!!!

      you're right. it's really interesting. like one of my friends said to me: "since you became polish-addict, I didn't knew what all that nail art are so easy to do". thanks to tutorials and blogs =)
      and I was really surprised that so many great, talented people around the world are interested in the same thing =)

      yes, English is better to get in worldwide community.
      but I said about local one... it's hard to get there... but now I don't even want to =)

      time is my problem now... I'd like to have more guests... but I have so much to do in real life, so... even with this challenge - someday I make mani, I make photos, but in the end I'm so tired so I can't even post it...
      but, please - tell me about this tips and tricks! I'd like to know =)

    4. Sad to hear that the local community is so hard to get into. The fun part is to share ideas and inspiration with others and not to be a group only for specific people!
      Hope you will find the world wide community to be nicer!

      Some days I don't have the time either..I often try to schedule post so I can be free for some days. But I don't think it's bad with blog pauses either, people often follow with bloglovin or similar devices and that device will tell you when people have updated.

      About getting more guests/readers I have some advices:
      1 - it takes time for people to find you so be prepared that it will not happen over night.
      2. Commenting at other people's blog helps people to realize that you exist.
      3. Get follow options on the side bar to make it easier for people to follow you, like bloglovin, feedly, GFC or any of your choice. I've got bloglovin and GFC on the side.
      4. Perhaps get a pinterest or a facebook page of your blog to show your existence.
      5. Join facebook nail polish groups (if you got facebook) and (if the rules says it's okay) add your blog to the blog list and perhaps show your posts there.
      6. Write about interesting things, and remeber things that you might think is common where you live might be rare to others. I bet there's brands of polishes that you use that I've never heard about (like that el corazon) and that's also interesting. It's often also interesting to see bottle pictures and perhaps additional information like price and if it's bought in boutique or online.

      And then what you already do; joining challenges (and show your post in the inlinkz if you aren't already) and have posts in english so more people understand. :)

      I'll bet you will get more readers within some months! :D

    5. you're right. but there is one funny problem for me in this communities - here, in russia, it's very "it-thing" (very popular), to make professional photos. many polish bloggers has photography as main hobby. and here I am. I even finished photo-school many years ago, but now I'm against this fashion on professional photos. so I make mine swatches on my phone-camera =) little rebel =)))

      THANK YOU for your advises!
      I'll try to use them as much as I can.
      (as soon, as I'll google all this strange words like "inlinkz" and so on, lol)
      I'm really late with this challenge (like 8 days late), but I'll keep on trying.

      tack själv! you are really nice and kind girl! =)


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