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31DC2013: Day 15 - Delicate print

День пятнадцатый - Деликатный узор.

More pictures and words:

Base: OPI - DS Radiance.
Переводная фольга "Кружево шантильи" - Foil "Chantilly lace" (with silver metallic base).

Рисовать я по-прежнему не научилась, приходится выкручиваться =)
На этом этапе поняла, что клей для фольги надо класть тонким слоем... но лучше в два тонких слоя - так меньше проплешин в итоге.

Still, I'm not an artist. So, I used foil again.
I like this one - with very soft and delicate lace print.
And I found out that foils are better stuck with 2 thin coats of special glue.

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  1. Cool, I haven't tried foil even though I have several of the same type you seem to have! :) What kind of glue do you use, anything special?

    And yea, another thing, do you know that you have word verification each time when anyone leave a comment? I didn't know I had it until someone told me so I figured that I should tell you too. It can be changed if you go to blogger "settings", then "post and comments", then on that page you can chose yes/no in word verification. :) For me that made more people to comment and I have yet not recieved any spam.

    1. well, foils/stickers/strips are the best thing if you can't draw =)
      I use special glue for foils... I've bought it with foil. I dunno, it looks and smells like glue that kids use to stuck papers =)
      I've tried to stuck foil directly to nail polish, but mostly it looks very bad...

      oh! really?! thanks! I didn't knew! I'm new on this blogger's site (I've had a blog on russian site), so I'm still learning how to work with this one =)


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