четверг, 2 января 2014 г.

С Новым годом! Happy new year!

Здоровья и радости в 2014 году!
И пусть все наши планы и мечты сбываются!

Happy new year!
Best wishes!

Новогодняя ёлка в совсем не по-зимнему тёплом городе:

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  1. I hope you've had an awesome Christmas and New Years Eve! <3 I've been so busy this december but now I'm back again.

    1. hey! thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Best wishes and have a Good Luck in 2014 =)

      our Christmas (I'm baptised in Christian church, not Catholic) are on 6th of January =) and russians also have this very weird thing "old style new year's eve" which is celebrated on 13-14 of January =))))))))

      I'm glad you're back =)
      I've been very busy too... and the most awful thing - I have my university exams the whole january too... so I won't have enough time for blogging again =(
      I hate that part of education - exams in best parts of the year (december-january and june)...

    2. Oh, cool, I didn't know that! Then I say it in advance ;) It's part of the orthodox church? Is it common in Russia, ie all people celebrate 6th and 13-14th or is it divided between believes? And do you go to church as a part of the celebrating?

      In sweden we celebrate christmas 24-25 (24 we give christmas gifts, I know in usa they hand them out at 25) and 31 for new years eve. Here in Sweden we don't go to church and even though we are christian we don't do something "church like".

      Thanks and yea, I have some smaller exam stuff in january too but I'm soon done with everything school related. I will try to apply for master but I doubt I get in.. there is 12 places and several 100 on each place. But at least I can try to search. :)

      I think you should do what you get time for. The exams are probably more important than blogging about nails ;) And I've noticed that even though when I take breaks from the blog people are still there when you come back! And if some are not back immediately they probably will or new followers will come.

    3. yeah, orthodox church. the most popular religion in here (russians - foreigners (southern) are muslims mostly).
      well... we celebrate more new year's eve. 'coz in ussr religion was prohibited, so the biggest holiday were is new year's =)
      for me - I'm mostly like "I believe in God - but not believe in church". but yeah, some people went to church on christmas...
      and "old new year" (aka "break foreigners brain" holiday rofl) is more like only on tv holiday =)
      we're bit strange, yeah =)

      oh! I see! well, your swedish system is more like mine =)))

      you should try! why not? =) "it's better try and lose, than worry 'coz you didn't even tried" =)

      tack! you're always so kind =)))

    4. Cool, more things I didn't know before :D

      I've applied for master and I'll know the "verdict" in April/May something. And you're so correct! One must try at least :D

      Aw, you're kind too :D


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